Alerted [verb]

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In August, I wrote about the first of these state-sponsored alerts, Virginia’s Covidwise app.

Residents who set the region on their iPhone or Android smartphone as Maryland will receive a push notification inviting them to receive exposure notification alerts, officials said.

We urge people to be alert for—and to avoid spreading—the following types of misinformation, which erode trust in the electoral process and in one another.

Concerned about the possibility of unrest on Election Day, or in the days that follow, business owners in some areas of the District are being advised to sign up for crime alerts and to keep their insurance information handy.

In February, she said, the agency alerted nursing homes and states about the need to focus on infection prevention.

She also listed nine “red flags” that in retrospect should have alerted her to danger.

Wicker alerted Blumenthal to the issue, and the hearing briefly paused until he was unmuted.

So some important features, like being able to respond to messages and alerts on the watch, don’t work.

That allows the parasite to replicate and persist without setting off alarm bells that alert the immune system to fight the infection.

Pandemic fatigue is real, and it’s draining to stay on high alert month after month after month.