Alerting [adjective]

Definition of Alerting:

attentive, lively

Synonyms of Alerting:

Opposite/Antonyms of Alerting:

Sentence/Example of Alerting:

The US Federal Bureau of Investigation became involved early on when the Tesla employee alerted it to Kriuchkov’s plan.

There's also an app—of course there's an app—that will alert you when the mask filters need to be replaced.

The new $100 Inspire 2 activity tracker is different from the Halo, however, with a small screen that provides phone notifications and app alerts.

Mobile phone and broadcast alerts advised people to prepare to evacuate.

District Attorney Michael Ramsey of Butte County, where Paradise is located, confirmed in March that PG&E alerted his office to the allegations and said he was awaiting further information.

They both targeted and hacked other technology companies after Sullivan failed to alert law enforcement about the 2016 Uber hack, according to Anderson’s statement.

To perform sentiment analysis, create an alert for your brand.

Therefore, informational digests and regular alerts when you update the situation shouldn’t be stopped.

Being able to predict a seizure episode, especially several minutes before they happen, could provide patients with an early alert system that helps reduce injuries and even save lives.

All you need to do is enter your URL and Linkody alerts you about the current index status.