Alertly [adverb]

Definition of Alertly:


Opposite/Antonyms of Alertly:

Sentence/Example of Alertly:

He watched the man curiously; saw him drop the skin and tiptoe toward the house, glance to right and left alertly.

Bobby trotted quietly about, sniffing at everything with the liveliest interest, head on this side or that, alertly.

Louise was in the hammock, and she lifted herself alertly out of it at sight of him, with a smile for his absent gaze.

Cuni was fast drifting into this dreamy state when her senses suddenly returned to her and she sat up alertly.

He looked up, made a twitching movement; his pince-nez fell to his black coat, and he got up alertly.

As soon as the wood was cut, it came out and slipped away very alertly.

Miss Mackin and Corene sprang ashore first, and held the boat while the others quickly and alertly followed.

Jack had not seen the men of the Diamond H who were grouped alertly back of him, each man's pistol ready.

Oh, I suppose that has something to do with it, responded Nathalie alertly, when one comes to think of it.

He bent over the little boy alertly, grasped the wrist, and stopped the spurt of blood.