Alertnesses [noun]

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Exposure alerts worked for the governor of Virginia, Ralph Northam.

On Tuesday, Oaks and his colleagues were alerted that Braddy had fled to Maryland and was considered to be armed and dangerous.

He became McMurdo’s resident aurora chaser, reading up on the Southern Lights and alerting his colleagues when they could expect the most dazzling displays.

To avoid alerting their prey, cheetahs start out hunting low to the ground, where their spotted coat helps them blend into the terrain.

In addition, users will be able to configure alerts if there’s no activity or when the first interaction with the device occurs on a daily basis.

Spoiler alert, I didn’t get the job, neither did another person of color.

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A new smartwatch app alerts users who are deaf or hard of hearing of nearby sounds, such as microwave beeps or car horns.

A spokesperson for Google declined to comment on individual cases related to its government-backed hacking alerts.

For example, wearable eye sensors could detect lapses in attention in real time by measuring the pupil diameter, and alert the wearer to refocus.