Algorithm [noun]

Definition of Algorithm:

treasure; invention

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Sentence/Example of Algorithm:

Since she posted her tutorial on Kapwing’s YouTube channel, a number of other YouTubers have also made tutorials using the same copy-and-pasted algorithm.

The researchers trained their algorithm on already-parsed datasets collected by NASA’s retired, planet-hunting Kepler mission.

These updates are real — Google announced a core algorithm update on May 4, after all — but you don’t need to worry.

Rather than relying on semiconductor physics and silicon-fabrication technology, though, we need to turn to innovations in software, algorithms, and hardware, says a group of leading experts.

Whenever Google updates her algorithm, there will be traffic losses and gains.

Meanwhile, Yandex still values meta keywords—a metric that Google removed from its ranking algorithm some time ago.

Whereas many machine learning algorithms are trained on human-labeled data sets, Microsoft, OpenAI, and others are also pursuing “unsupervised” machine learning.

In order to ensure that all those guidelines are met and the user gets exactly what he expects, it keeps improving the search algorithm.

It used a database with 15,000 portraits from the 1300s to the 1900s to train a deep learning algorithm to produce a unique portrait.

You may not be automatically downgraded – but all it takes is one Google update or algorithm shift for this to change overnight.