Algorithmic [adjective]

Definition of Algorithmic:

concerning manipulation of numbers

Synonyms of Algorithmic:

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Sentence/Example of Algorithmic:

The algorithm creates a shape that meets your design intent, your constraints.

The latter algorithm also keeps track of how the opponent changes tack on the basis of its own response, so it can learn to influence the opponent’s actions.

The company says it saw a 3% increase in click-through rate on its product recommendations after it rolled out its improved algorithm, a pattern that held up during Singles’ Day.

His group’s AI algorithm uses an approach known as machine learning.

These algorithms are still not as accurate as people tend to be.

Kavukcuoglu notes that Gian-Carlo Pascutto, a Belgian coder at Mozilla who writes chess and Go software in his free time, was able to re-create a version of AlphaGo Zero called Leela Zero, using algorithms outlined by DeepMind in its papers.

So transformers are kind of a self-supervised technique where the algorithm is not being told exactly what to look for among the language.

The algorithm then uses this information to try to forecast the likely career progression of any given job seeker.

TikTok’s algorithm has helped even the most mundane small businesses go viral.

Unfortunately Google Sheets custom functions have a timeout so you won’t have long enough to train some massive deep learning algorithm, but that still leaves a lot that you can do.