Aliases [noun]

Definition of Aliases:

false name

Synonyms of Aliases:

Opposite/Antonyms of Aliases:


Sentence/Example of Aliases:

From under a succession of aliases he uncovered Gorman's real name.

Yet we think we understand it all; these poets have a pretty way of hymning the virtues of their wives under divers aliases.

Of all military airplanes there is none so fond of “aliases” as the high speed fighting machine.

Why, Mathias is but his avowed name; he may be known by a dozen different aliases.

Sin has many aliases and can swiftly shift its guise to gain a welcome into any company.

In the official papers which accompanied him to the hospital the above name was followed by several aliases.

Indictments are on record against them and it is claimed that they used various aliases.

Information comes to us that on account of recent Government raids the Red organizations are assuming a variety of aliases.

That is perhaps because you hide your real personality under so many aliases.

Some were so deeply involved politically that they assumed aliases.