Alienated [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Alienated:

All in all, this was an extremely strange, even alienating finale.

It was a clearly Islamophobic move aimed at further alienating India’s Muslims and the protets were intended to draw attention to that.

The latter risks turning off voters generally if seen as too permissive, but also could alienate progressives if it’s not seen as sympathetic enough, according to the note.

The result is pockets of hyperspecialization, he says, where scientists are siloed in their disciplines and alienated from the public and even each other.

In a bid for survival, they could go the World Health Organization route and embrace China, but that would alienate second-tier powers such as Germany, France India and Japan.

His intemperance alienated him from his father, and he died in prison under sentence of death.

And he would not receive them, but broke all the covenant that he had made with him before, and alienated himself from him.

By this time Marius had in addition, to a great extent, alienated the lower classes of the Roman citizens.

At length, when the grumbling of the poor had already gone too far, he readjusted the taxes, and thus alienated the rich also.

Little by little they have been alienated from the institutions of the Republic.