Alienates [verb]

Definition of Alienates:

cause unfriendliness, hostility

Synonyms of Alienates:

Opposite/Antonyms of Alienates:

Sentence/Example of Alienates:

Attempts to go after casual users could alienate more customers than it’s worth, Metral said.

The film’s creators may have decided not to risk alienating right-leaning viewers, which is understandable.

They feel boxed in by the content that made them famous, and they’re too scared of alienating their followers to try anything new.

But, many customers aren’t yet accustomed to receiving text messages from retail companies, so those that do decided to text customers risk alienating those who think it is too spammy.

A Christian who would attain perfection, ought to drive away from his mind all that can alienate him from heaven—his true country.

In 1790 Pitt was opposing his wishes elsewhere; he was unwilling to alienate him altogether, and agreed to put pressure on Russia.

Such cruel insinuations can never alienate from you the friends who love you.

He lampooned the prince regent, yet he could not alienate the Tories.

We could not see what should again alienate us from one another, or how one brother could again oppress another.

One might suppose that Carlyle would have been unhappy to alienate so many persons, especially old admirers.