Alienating [verb]

Definition of Alienating:

cause unfriendliness, hostility

Synonyms of Alienating:

Opposite/Antonyms of Alienating:

Sentence/Example of Alienating:

You talk of drawing, writing, alienating your land; next it will be giving lessons or school teaching.

When the gospel is preached without respect for the autonomy and integrity of the individual, the effect is alienating.

Both idleness and alienating the gifts of God, are a robbing him of his own.

The brave Post had succeeded in alienating the Ohio Indians.

By the union of liberality and justice, he acquired the love of the soldiers, without alienating the affections of the people.

Kiki allows us to indulge our fondness for being rude without alienating our friends.

La Barre finally realized that his policy was alienating the interior tribes and he determined upon war.

Beyond those few yeomen they urged that he had no protection save in the attachment of the subjects whom he was alienating.

He was thus the unconscious means of furthering Executive tyranny, and to some extent of alienating the loyalty of the colonists.

His board of vestrymen themselves remonstrated, counseling moderation for fear of alienating the congregation.