Alienations [noun]

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I think what’s kind of neat is that he’s doing this thing where he’s presenting alienation in really dark tones, but it’s accepted in a way where it’s just like, this is fun, pop music, like he’s tricking us.

Conspiracy beliefs have also been linked to feelings of powerlessness, anxiety, isolation and alienation.

With “American Selfie,” she presents a queasily candid summa of the alienation, wounded psyches and media-siloed belief systems she’s been chronicling for two decades.

There was this real gap between what the elite conversation was and how … this just brewing anger and sense of alienation among lots of different groups of people.

In the close relation and affection of these last days, the sense of alienation and antagonism faded from both their hearts.

With regard to the latter he showed very plainly his alienation from Russian soil.

Her quiet confidence, while I was so dissatisfied, worked curiously towards the alienation of my sympathies.

All future tenures created by the king to be in free and common socage, reserving rents to the Crown and also fines on alienation.

These nightly retirements, in the sequel, gave rise to the first suspicion of his alienation from the church of Rome.

This sectarian policy has borne bitter fruit in Ireland, in the alienation of a great mass of the Irish people.