Alighted [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Alighted:

She alighted, and her aggressive servants drew away somewhat.

As he sat there young Jim Hands drove up with his girl, alighted, and went into the ice-cream parlor for refreshment.

They alighted on a young man in clerical black, who crossed the square from the post office.

Presently a team drove up from down the valley and a tall, gaunt individual, with hair of the color of a dead leaf, alighted.

A large, broad-shouldered young man, with hair sun-bleached to a ruddy yellow, had alighted from a buggy and entered the office.

Mr. Hamilton read it hastily through, alighted from his carriage immediately, came and received me very cordially.

A handsomely dressed young man alighted from it, and gave some order in English to one of the grooms, who listened, cap in hand.

Yielding to an impulse, Hadria alighted at the landing-stage and walked on through the little town towards the palace.

Even as we watched, a bird came swooping across the lawn, alighted on my knife handle, and began to carol.

So we came to Bentford station, in the early dusk of evening, and the air was good as we alighted, and the silence.