Aligned [verb]

Definition of Aligned:

line up, arrange next to

Synonyms of Aligned:

Opposite/Antonyms of Aligned:

Sentence/Example of Aligned:

At the same time, Supernatural’s omnipresent American heartland aesthetic wasn’t exactly easy to align with its weird fangirl demographic.

What’s also interesting with ESG is that there are opportunities to buy “bad” stocks that have material aspects of their business model aligned with ethical considerations.

These investments include risk and benefits that don’t necessarily align perfectly with industry titans.

Publishers’ e-commerce operations have to be run in “unique ways that align with the values of their brands and shows that they know what their audiences want,” he said.

It’s known for aligning itself with the Occupy Wall Street protests and briefly taking down the New York Stock Exchange’s website.

They must all be encouraged and incentivized to meet KPIs that align with overarching business goals.

“In the meantime we have submitted strong and responsive bids that align with the city’s environmental and energy service delivery expectations,” Gao wrote.

That trend, the researchers say, aligns with increasing sea-surface temperatures in the Gulf of Mexico and the western Caribbean Sea.

It will also give some indication of with whom on the Council those newly elected officials might align.

I loved when the DualSense controller haptics worked side by side with the sound design, like when the swoosh of Miles’s web shooting out of his palm aligned with a finely-tuned rumble that shifts intensity depending on the arc of your swing.