Aligns [verb]

Definition of Aligns:

line up, arrange next to

Synonyms of Aligns:

Opposite/Antonyms of Aligns:

Sentence/Example of Aligns:

On n'y voit que des massifs de verdure, aligns avec un soin scrupuleux.

Each of the others halts upon arriving on the line, aligns himself to the right, and executes front without command.

Here, by stirring your opponent into friendliness, he talks matters over, he aligns his interest with yours.

In this tradition Romania aligns itself without significant reservation with the Warsaw Pact.

The moment a man holds himself above the general law, that moment he aligns against human progress.

To do this it is best to turn it about and try it until it aligns in all positions.

He aligns his sights on the target, releases the bombs, and watches for signs of an interrupted lunch below.