Alike [adjective]

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The frustrations of educators and learners alike reflect the fact that education technology functions as a digital proxy for our oldest methods of teaching.

One of the main issues that physical therapists and physicians alike have run into is that we don’t actually know what causes the pain.

The heart of the team’s Game Boy look-alike is a small, low-power microcontroller “running a program that pretends to be a Game Boy,” he says.

The regulations — called Fair Access to Insurance Requirements — are justified by developers and local politicians alike as economic lifeboats “of last resort” in regions where climate change threatens to interrupt economic growth.

Figuring out what social norms will be, reflecting those via new ads and doing so in an ever-changing climate is forcing marketers and agency execs alike to “take creativity to a new level,” said one exec.

If high capacity is a concern, this unit can be put through its paces both at home and the office alike.

Josh Reeves, cofounder and CEO, GustoStart With Why illustrates how great leaders think alike and go about their approach in ways that are high impact and inspirational.

Now that marketers and agency execs alike have had to reshape processes due to pressure from the multiple crises, it’s unlikely that they will snap back to the way business was previously done.

Aside from DTC brands, there has been a slower adaptation of e-commerce from retailers and shoppers alike.

The great park which surrounded it was one of the most celebrated in all England, celebrated alike for its size and its beauty.