Alimentary [adjective]

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Remember that your whole alimentary tract is out of action, and give it a chance to start up slowly.

In the first group I put the diseases of the digestive and alimentary tract.

Then it is starved so that its alimentary tract will be as empty as possible at the time of killing.

In addition, their absorption from the alimentary tract is quite complete; that is, they contain little or no waste material.

The greater portion of the alimentary cavity consists of the original segmentation cavity (vide diagrams).

The hypoblast is no longer fused with the mesoblast, and forms a distinct dorsal wall for the alimentary cavity.

Between the embryonic rim and the yolk is a cavity,—the primitive alimentary cavity.

Two distinct processes are concerned in effecting these changes in the condition of the alimentary cavity.

The cells of the dorsal wall of the alimentary cavity are columnar and form a single row.

I have already alluded to this feature in the formation of the ventral wall of the alimentary cavity.