Aliments [noun]

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He would eat almost every thing that was offered, but preferred dry and ripe fruits to all other aliments.

Aliments; Materia alimentaria, L. Substances employed as food.

According to the prescription given, he ought to lead a regular life and to limit himself strictly to warm and dry aliments.

I shall have to treat of Aliments as one of the orders of Restorative Hmatics.

The bee has done still better; from the moment of leaving the egg it dispenses completely with chance-won aliments.

A grocer purchased the preserved aliments; an apothecary what remained of the medicaments.

It is the ordering of a succession in such a manner that the crops will tax the soil for mineral aliments in a different manner.

When a native is under the interdict, certain aliments are denied him for a prescribed period.

In lieu of these crude articles of food, Isis gave them bread and other more wholesome aliments.

All aliments that tend to indigestion are to be especially avoided.