Alimonies [noun]

Definition of Alimonies:

money paid in support of a former spouse

Synonyms of Alimonies:

Opposite/Antonyms of Alimonies:

Sentence/Example of Alimonies:

In Ireland the mother is not allowed to claim alimony herself—she must go into the workhouse and the guardians must sue for her.

Until he had met Rue Carew he had taken measures to fight the statutory charges, hoping to involve Venem and escape alimony.

In a recent suit for alimony a wealthy New Yorker complained that his wife used a diamond-studded watch for a golf tee.

Nothing in the nature of alimony, except the dwelling, is commonly given by either party to a divorce.

The lady's lawyer thereupon moved for the appointment of a referee, as well as for counsel fee and alimony.

He never failed to make one payment, and of course she got alimony for herself.

When she married Lee Oswald, I assume her alimony terminated, did it?

Under which you paid alimony to your former wife and child support to your son?

That was an arrangement made between her, myself and the attorney, that they keep that out of the divorce decree, about alimony.

How long did you make payments in the form of alimony to her?