Alit [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Alit:

A belated song-sparrow alit on one of the old guns near them, and sang thinly for a moment or two.

It flew circling among the crags, and once I thought it had passed seaward; but it came again, and alit on a boulder.

Alit et ditat is the inscription which stands, rightly and properly, on the front of the building.

Mrs. Baring said that when Plonplon, commonly called Fatalit, was ill, the people said he was Fat alit.

We alit before a stately hermitage, set amidst the evergreen trees of well-kept grounds.

The woman saint glanced in our direction; she alit from her car and walked toward us.

As he said it he alit on Mr. Thompson's lips, and pressed some of the honey he had with him into his mouth.

Honos alit artes, omnesque incenduntur ad studia gloria—Honours encourage the arts, for all are incited towards studies by fame.

Hos successus alit; possunt quia posse videntur—These are encouraged by success; they prevail because they think they can.

Nutritur vento, vento restinguitur ignis: / Lenis alit flammas, grandior aura necat!