Alivenesses [noun]

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An estimated 10 quintillion—or 10,000,000,000,000,000,000—individual insects are alive at any given moment.

“We saw that there was a really big demand for being able to plan your time together,” says Anders Ekman, who created the Raft app, making sure he designed it in a way that was colorful and friendly, alive with emojis, GIFs and images.

She took them to her house, he was alive and well when he was here, and now he is dead when he went to Loreauville to her house.

You told me that keeping the restaurant alive in no matter what capacity, even if you are losing money, is actually an investment in its future success.

Even though the specimen may help advance scientific understanding, he would have rather seen it alive in the ocean.

When she was alive, my small extended family always celebrated birthdays together.

As the results of Election Day head into their third day of counting, Democrats are inching close to a presidential victory, and the dream of flipping the Senate is still alive thanks to encouraging returns in Georgia.

“If they don’t catch pneumonia, they might stay alive until the danger is over,” Col.

Herzog’s intentions for the fate of the child are unclear at first, but his willingness to accept the bounty dead or alive suggests he’s not looking to make friends.

Even through all the growth I’ve experienced at Power Digital, we’ve managed to keep the startup mentality alive through our friendships, mentorship, and understanding that we are paving our own path as a company.