Alkalis [noun]

Definition of Alkalis:

soluble base; opposite of an acid

Synonyms of Alkalis:

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Sentence/Example of Alkalis:

What appears to be ground glass is only the little crystals or small particles of alkali that have not been dissolved.

He was one of the men to whom alkali is a constant poison, and his lips were always cracked and bleeding.

He had come away in the sour mood of a thirsty man who finds an alkali spring sparkling deceptively under a rock.

Talpers flushed angrily, and then grinned, until his alkali-cracked lips glistened in the lamplight.

Now, cations other than the alkali ions are liable to interfere with tests designed for alkaline or neutral solutions.

Barium nitrate, used with a neutral solution, is the group reagent in the absence of metal ions other than the alkali metal ions.

Now at one time in this particular locality Arizona had not been dry and full of alkali.

And he remembered and described just how Alkali Ike spit through his mustache—which was disgusting, but real.

His face was yellowing again, under the blister of sun and alkali.

As it lay through an uninhabited alkali flat, the right of way could be easily obtained.