Allaying [verb]

Definition of Allaying:

reduce something, usually a pain or a problem

Synonyms of Allaying:

Opposite/Antonyms of Allaying:

Sentence/Example of Allaying:

Museums have protocols in place to allay many of these fears, including delayed data release policies and temporary embargoes that allow researchers to finish projects before their data are made available to the public.

He couldn’t keep Washington organized on offense, and there was no one on court to allay the heavy pressure he met every time he touched the ball, but Beal still found a way to create shots — even if they weren’t always pretty.

ByteDance said Oracle has the “right to conduct security inspections on TikTok’s US source code” in order to allay supposed security concerns.

Before long, those answers were able to allay the doubts and concerns of investors who maybe didn’t fully understand Canva’s business, but who recognized the opportunity that was beginning to emerge with design and publishing tools moving online.

Even if states sort out how to protect the vote of vulnerable community members, such as keeping some physical polling places open, the findings may do little to allay other recent concerns over mail-in voting, Barber acknowledges.

Le jour suyvant, j'allay visiter les Sauvages, et y fis mon accoustum, ainsy qu j'ay dict de Kinibqui.

She was bien souffrante, and she was filled with vague dread, which only her husband's presence could allay.

By the time it ceased they had eaten their supper of hard bread and harder beef, and lighted their pipes to allay their thirst.

Jocelyn kept moving, so that the changing air wafted over the little bare limbs might allay the fever.

To allay it, I shall to-day search entire ship carefully from stem to stern.