Allegations [noun]

Definition of Allegations:

assertion placing blame

Synonyms of Allegations:

Opposite/Antonyms of Allegations:

Sentence/Example of Allegations:

She, of course, made all sorts of wild allegations, but in none of them did we find any basis of fact.

Following these sensational allegations, four men were arrested.

You bandy contradictory allegations; you no longer believe each other; you must appeal to a third party.

There was probably considerable ground for all the allegations, except, perhaps, that of infirmity in purpose.

At last (in 1592) the Queen appointed two members of her Privy Council to inquire into the particulars of his allegations.

What measure of truth there may have been in these allegations it is now difficult to decide.

Has the Duke spoken to you of some allegations made in the press as to the expenses of the late election at Silverbridge?

Any allegations from regular liars and men who have been fired can be taken care of in court, under the blackmail law.

He declined calling any witnesses to substantiate the allegations which he made, however, and a verdict of guilty was returned.

"I'm afraid you can render me no other assistance except to hesitate to accept the allegations of that woman Petre," I replied.