Alleged [adjective]

Definition of Alleged:

asserted, often doubtful

Synonyms of Alleged:

Opposite/Antonyms of Alleged:

Sentence/Example of Alleged:

In its campaign against Apple, SumOfUs cites the tech giant’s alleged role in helping Beijing censor and surveil its citizens.

The state’s Fair Political Practices Commission had dismissed the claim against him, Barrios said, but actually the group just determined it was not something they could legally look into, because he was a volunteer at the time of the alleged event.

Months after a high-profile successful IPO on the New York Stock Exchange last year, the company faced allegations of fraud and was the subject of class-action lawsuits over “alleged misstatements and omissions” in its IPO filing documents.

Attorney Coleen Cusack for weeks tried to access footage of Rich Brooks, 54, being ticketed last August for his alleged failure to comply with an MTS officer’s order, a charge Brooks said the video would help dispute.

The rule changes arguably provide more due process protections for alleged perpetrators that many observers and some courts found were lacking in the past.

Much glamour has been cast upon the names of Solomon and David by their alleged writings.

The order of the Queen was alleged, and the authority of the Governor was interposed.

My point is not that these heroes were bad men, but that, in a book alleged to be the word of God, they are treated as heroes.

The alleged fact of the Resurrection is of immense importance to hundreds of millions of people.

The fact alleged, then, is miraculous and important, and the evidence in proof of such a fact should be overwhelmingly strong.