Alleges [verb]

Definition of Alleges:

assert; claim

Synonyms of Alleges:

Opposite/Antonyms of Alleges:

Sentence/Example of Alleges:

Multiple attorneys have since come forward alleging that their clients had been subjected to hysterectomies and other gynecological procedures.

In August 2019, the environmental groups filed suit against Bluestone, alleging excess discharges of selenium, which can be toxic to fish and other aquatic life.

In the lawsuit against the city, Taylor’s family alleged that the 26-year-old was not given any medical attention and was left to die in the apartment.

The push to avoid simulator training led to multiple poor decisions by Boeing, the committee alleged.

They seek to cast doubt on the integrity of the electoral process, asserting that Democrats are using mail balloting to steal the election — “thwarting the will of the American people,” they alleged.

California American Water improperly recouped $40 million under this rate scheme when it should really have been more like $17 million, the Public Advocate’s Office alleged in a 2016 filing with the CPUC.

The auditor alleges that large severance packages given to high-ranking officials last year while Ikhrata sought to reshape the agency were actually illegal gifts of public funds.

In a letter obtained by the Times, the committee alleged that the foundation had compromised the integrity of the awards when they attempted to change the voting process after issues of representation came to light.

The English authorities expressly allege a deliberate purpose on Bruce's part to rid himself of his rival.

It was neither age nor sickness, as the chroniclers allege, that prevented King Robert from leading the Weardale foray.