Allegorical [adjective]

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Over time I’ve also realized that the science of that work makes for a pretty good allegorical tale.

John was baptizing at a large pool called Ænon-by-Saleim,—probably allegorical, meaning “Fountain of Repose.”

The descriptions of allegorical personages in this poem are clearly imitated from similar descriptions in Latin poets.

Some decorations have been added since last year, and an allegorical drop-scene has been painted.

The Jews, who went out of Egypt, rude as they were, had heard of the allegorical philosophy of the Egyptians.

On high above the triumphal car was set some allegorical figure, such as Valour, Victory, or Fame.

Garrick, in one of his pictures, is set between the allegorical figures of Tragedy and Comedy.

Behind her stand two allegorical beings, Crime and Remorse, two quite unfortunate figures.

He was producing allegorical ceilings and staircases by wholesale.

They seemed to me ludicrously like the figures of demons in old allegorical prints of hell.