Allegorizing [verb]

Definition of Allegorizing:


Opposite/Antonyms of Allegorizing:

Sentence/Example of Allegorizing:

To allegorize life with a masquerade, and represent mankind generally as masquers.

(c) That therefore we can allegorize Grendel and the dragon into culture-myths connected with the "god Beow."

Next come the many attempts, old and new, to allegorize the Olympian scene, or to explain it away.

All allegorize the Sun, six months above and six months below the equator.

And yet we see the Essenes "allegorize" the bloody altar out of their Bible, but cling to the document more fondly than ever.

To this vessel the Persian poets often refer, and allegorize it in different ways.

Charleston I might allegorize in the person of a young woman I met there.