Allegory [noun]

Definition of Allegory:

indirect representation, storytelling

Synonyms of Allegory:

Opposite/Antonyms of Allegory:

Sentence/Example of Allegory:

That said, I don’t want to twist it into an allegory about leadership and collective sacrifice in times of crisis.

Defining dataTo understand what data is, and how to govern it, metaphors and allegories can be helpful.

It’s an allegory, surely, but not one intentionally played for laughs.

Besides setting up unrealistic ideals of love, Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks-starrer You’ve Got Mail became a timeless allegory for the charming independent bookstore.

Many rabbis have regarded the formation of Adam and Eve and their adventure as an allegory.

So that, besides the allegory, we have four dimensions of matter instead of three.

But the spirit of allegory, which has never been lost, may be traced throughout these barbarous discourses.

Its allegory, its learned literary allusions, its delving into obscure historic events, preclude any hope of popular success.

Allegory is a narrative in which material things and circumstances are used to illustrate and enforce high spiritual truths.

With the exception of one room, the history of Paris is practically ignored, allegory being the master vogue.