Allergic [adjective]

Definition of Allergic:

having a reaction to food, material, etc.

Synonyms of Allergic:

Opposite/Antonyms of Allergic:


Sentence/Example of Allergic:

As the Guardian reported at the time, doctors at the hospital said Navalny was experiencing an allergic reaction to something but didn’t say what that something was.

Since one is injecting proteins into the body, monoclonal antibodies can cause allergic reactions.

There are other activity centers available too, in case you’re allergic to horses.

These individuals are allergic to a small protein called Fel d1.

I did not label him efficiency-expert, for printers have always been notoriously allergic to that title.

He also was allergic to nearly everything and was always sneezing at the wrong time, just when we were supposed to be quiet.

I never spoke with him very much, because I think we were allergic to each other.

Lindsay had seen too much of allergic reactions since reaching Earth not to know he was looking at another.

Turning in on his contour couch, Lindsay recalled that he had given whiskey to the allergic athlete.

They're allergic to the critters, the trees, the natives—to everything here.