Allergies [noun]

Definition of Allergies:

reaction to certain food, material, etc.

Synonyms of Allergies:

Opposite/Antonyms of Allergies:


Sentence/Example of Allergies:

I simply couldn’t imagine that I might be among the minority of people who get more than flu-like symptoms, even though I’m in my late 50s, slightly overweight and have bad allergies that sometimes trigger asthma.

As he struggled with allergies, Summer began to read up on the benefits of raw honey and exposing oneself to natural allergens.

Penicillin allergies often begin in childhood, but can wane over time, making the drugs safer to use some years later, Sousa-Pinto says.

Still, many tattoo inks contain or degrade into substances that are known to be hazardous, and health complications including infection, allergy and granuloma have been found in about 2% of tattoos.

The Aces pass, catch and immediately attack with startling speed, given their allergy to 3-point shooting.

Saline rinses can remove bacteria and allergens from the nasal cavity and ease symptoms of allergies, sinus infections and colds.

Pollen and other things that cause allergies can have antigens, too.

The newscast stopped and a commercial called the attention of listeners to the virtues of an anti-allergy pill.

Ruth did, of course indicate, told me of his extreme allergy to the FBI.

So they work best with life—viruses, germs, vegetable-allergy substances.