Alleviated [verb]

Definition of Alleviated:

relieve; lessen

Synonyms of Alleviated:

Opposite/Antonyms of Alleviated:

Sentence/Example of Alleviated:

Those concerns were apparently alleviated by Saturday morning.

Virtual meetings could also help alleviate people’s concerns about seeking support in their own communities, Walks said.

It is also a source of governmental discretion to alleviate those same obligations, sometimes infusing regulation with helpful flexibility but at other times posing real risks to the public.

Unrules are the decisions that regulators make to alleviate regulatory obligations.

One priority, she said, was to alleviate the burden on poor families of the costs of care for children or elderly relatives.

Most states — 37 in total — offer some kind of early voting, and many have expanded the number of days to alleviate crowds, allowing folks to better follow social distancing protocols.

This will also help alleviate budget stresses should Google and Facebook ad costs rise significantly, he said.

Meanwhile, the judicious establishment of free soup kitchens in the streets alleviated the necessities of the mob.

These, and the religious sentiments entertained by Maroncelli, with his tried friendship, greatly alleviated my afflictions.

This very feeling led him to catch with eagerness at every means by which the trial might be shortened or alleviated.