Alleviates [verb]

Definition of Alleviates:

relieve; lessen

Synonyms of Alleviates:

Opposite/Antonyms of Alleviates:

Sentence/Example of Alleviates:

Nevertheless, this testimony alleviates the weight of those which I may have unknowingly committed.'

When an Indian is sorrow-stricken over the death of a friend or relative, he alleviates his suffering by killing some one else.

The writer of romance alleviates or denies the bad consequences ascribed to his manner of composition.

One of them alleviates the monotony of the office duties by working at embroidery in bright worsteds.

True alms is pity rather than the pittance that alleviates the material hardships of life.

Bodily labor alleviates the pains of the mind; and hence arises the happiness of the poor.

Stephen was as helpless, as far from any hope of moving, as ever; but he was well off, which alleviates much suffering.

Modesty is apt to accompany the sense of humour which alleviates life, while it is an almost insuperable bar to success.

This dries the tear, alleviates the sorrow, fills the blank.

The series of afflictions which God alleviates is resumed in ver.