Alleviations [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Alleviations:

In fact, we found one word associated with obligation alleviation for every five or six words associated with the imposition of obligations.

In some of China’s regions, poverty alleviation schemes have reportedly led to forced labor.

Nevertheless, there is a certain frame of mind to which a cemetery is, if not an antidote, at least an alleviation.

I must tell you that in my sickness I had a huge alleviation and began a new story.

These were a happy alleviation to us, and at our noon halting-place we enjoyed the rare luxury of a full meal.

But the defeat and death of Mansfeld brought no alleviation.

He provided the medicines, and every other means of alleviation.

Some alleviation was brought by the skill of a foreign physician, but there was still a great deal of pain in the toes.

To reproach you, now the deed is done, will not repair the evil, nor will it afford any alleviation to our distress.

We have illustrated first, the fact of orphanage, and secondly, the secondary relations that may be its alleviation.