Alley [noun]

Definition of Alley:

narrow passage

Synonyms of Alley:

Opposite/Antonyms of Alley:


Sentence/Example of Alley:

DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince — “A Nightmare On My Street”For those VHS horror movie lovers, this one is right up your alley.

Once the vehicle is in the alley, the emergency lights go off again, but the cruiser keeps going, and Hylton is struck a few seconds laterwhen he darts out onto Kennedy Street between parked vehicles.

They said he drove out of an alley and collided with another vehicle.

Hylton died when he collided with a vehicle after pulling out of an alley, police said.

During one of our first walks, we came across an alley that we’d never noticed before.

Patients needing MRI scans must be taken outdoors and down an alley, past dumpsters and into a hospital parking lot, where the scan is done in a rented trailer.

Truly it was a most enjoyable season and experience, but there is no joy without its alley here below—not even at the North Pole!

He turned into an alley, down which, nautically speaking, he rolled into a shabby little court.

I turned right into a narrow street, went along it about fifty yards, and paused where it was crossed by a still narrower alley.

From the set of his shoulders, it seemed that he might be just as glad the alley was dim; but he simply trailed along behind.