Alleyway [noun]

Definition of Alleyway:

path for travel

Synonyms of Alleyway:

Opposite/Antonyms of Alleyway:

Sentence/Example of Alleyway:

In 2015, Nehad was confronted by a police officer, Neal Browder, in an alleyway in the Midway district.

Like a hurt animal, half crawling, knowing only the base instinct of self preservation, he tried for that delivery alleyway.

Two bedsteads, with a narrow alleyway between, occupied half the interior.

The street Tom followed was lined with tall tenements and ended in little more than an alleyway.

As he reached the second landing of the escape he saw Merrick turn the corner of the alleyway and disappear on the street beyond.

Then the youth got down on his hands and knees and looked over the edge of the tenement, on the alleyway side.

Out in the alleyway, low yet clear, a whistle sounded—twice.

Under the shuttered window ran a dark alleyway, and the other windows in that side of the house were dark and deserted looking.

Torches instantly flared, natives boiled out of every alleyway, shouting, waving their knives.

Instead of entering the long store he walked down the alleyway left open for the heavy wagons.