Alliances [noun]

Definition of Alliances:

friendly association, agreement

Opposite/Antonyms of Alliances:

Sentence/Example of Alliances:

And who wants to marry him any way, that he should be so distressed about international alliances?

None of these alliances directly threatened England, yet there were elements of danger in the two first.

Abroad the Huguenots had not been idle in endeavoring to secure the support of advantageous alliances.

For this purpose they found a rare opportunity in projecting matrimonial alliances.

She consulted their interest merely in making for them grand alliances, to gratify her family pride.

His wife occupied herself in matrimonial projects for her grandchildren, seeking alliances of ambition and interest.

There's an old saying that misfortune makes strange bedfellows, but political friendship makes stranger alliances than misfortune.

The constant support of this prince must have shown the Senate how much such alliances were preferable to direct dominion.

By ancestry and alliances, Csar inherited that double prestige which is derived from ancient origin and recent renown.

Towards the end of the Eighteenth dynasty the sacred blood of the Pharaohs became contaminated by these foreign alliances.