Allied [adjective]

Definition of Allied:

friendly; united

Synonyms of Allied:

Opposite/Antonyms of Allied:

Sentence/Example of Allied:

But closely allied to this subject, and not inferior to it in importance, stands that of Industrial Training.

The plan of campaign was then arranged, and the Prince returned to command the allied forces in Northern Germany.

A feeling nearly allied to pride excited every one, but more especially those who crossed the line for the first time.

They are two Allied Armies working with me (or supposed to be working with me) against a common enemy.

With one of the sisters, who was allied to the nobility, she formed a strong friendship, which continued through life.

This genus appears to be nearly allied to the Agamae, but differs from them in the peculiar frill that is appended to the neck.

This species, although nearly allied to Haliotis midae, is quite distinct from it.

This shell is very nearly allied to Pileopis, but the animal is evidently not brachiopodous.

She died; and her place was supplied by a German princess nearly allied to the Imperial House.

He was allied by marriage to one of the strongest families of the city, the Borniche-Hereaus.