Allies [noun]

Definition of Allies:

something united with another, especially by treaty

Synonyms of Allies:

Opposite/Antonyms of Allies:

Sentence/Example of Allies:

The attack was commenced by the allies under Blucher upon the French centre, with a fury irresistible.

The allies sustained a loss of 20,000, and among them several experienced officers.

Battle of Famars, in which the allies drove the French from their camp with great loss.

I feel proud and happy to shelter beneath my roof any of our valued and brave allies.

But the sudden defeat of Murat came as a warning, and he hastened to offer the aid of twenty-six thousand troops to the Allies.

The allies had a trifling advantage, and the Dutch retired to the coast of Holland.

Accordingly the general at once set about quietly concentrating his troops to meet an invasion of Northern Italy by the Allies.

The idea was that a concentrated movement should be made against the Allies through the Apennines.

They have formidable allies in the shape of whole schools of philosophy and whole libraries of eloquence and learning.

In retirement and disgrace at Monaco, he saw with dismay the armies of the Allies surging up to the French frontier.