Alliterations [noun]

Definition of Alliterations:

duplication; doing again

Opposite/Antonyms of Alliterations:

Sentence/Example of Alliterations:

No attempt is made to preserve alliteration or archaic diction.

You are familiar with the term "alliteration," and know that it is a favourite device of cheap journalism.

This has the right swing, and its slightly faulty alliteration could easily be mended, yet Saint Juliana is not verse.

Holthausen restores alliteration by substituting colde for winter.

Haec frumenta legit, si comperit; ordea spernit, T. finde ge, if she find: cleche for finde would restore the alliteration.

Its effects are sometimes most pleasing when the alliteration turns on one or more internal syllables.

Every line attains double alliteration in the first half, with one alliterating word only in the second half.

The Stanfield and Grieve, upon whose names the happy alliteration is made, are supposed to be celebrated English scene painters.

Only one further instance of the systematic employment of alliteration may here be noted in passing.

We must take exception, also, in conclusion, to the excess of alliteration.