Alliterative [adjective]

Definition of Alliterative:

wordy, tedious

Synonyms of Alliterative:

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Sentence/Example of Alliterative:

Every alliterative couplet had two accented syllables, containing the same initial consonants, one in each of the two sections.

Schipper sees in it a mixture of septenaries, alexandrines, and alliterative verse.

Moreover the alliterative element is considerable; the poet starts with two perfect lines, and ll.

It is written, like all old Teutonic work of the kind, in alliterative unrhymed rhythm.

The light rippling melody of this stanza is due, in considerable measure, to its fine alliterative structure.

In the same book are also specimens of alliterative French verses.

The short prayer ascribed to Ninine or to Fiacc is a highly alliterative piece without rhyme, the date of which cannot be fixed.

As Langland was not the first, so neither was he the last that used this alliterative species of versification.

The alliterative metre was no less popular among the old Scottish poets, than with their brethren on this side the Tweed.

Thus have we traced the alliterative measure so low as the sixteenth century.