Allocated [verb]

Definition of Allocated:

assign; divide among

Synonyms of Allocated:

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Sentence/Example of Allocated:

The company also did not immediately respond to a request to break out, in terms of percentages, how much of its media budget is allocated to experiential for this effort.

They say it allocates more funding, and that you need to take care of places once you protect them.

The bill hasn’t made much progress, though states including Tennessee have allocated some of their state relief funding to rural broadband.

In part one of my recent interview with Mike Blumenthal, local SEO expert and co-founder of customer experience management platform GatherUp, we spoke about the lack of resources Google allocates to addressing spam on Google Maps.

AI is likely to result in massive but poorly distributed financial gains, and this will both require and enable policymakers to rethink how they allocate resources and distribute wealth.

Members of the Electoral College—with the exception of Maine and Nebraska which allocate by congressional districts—are pledged to vote for the highest vote getter in their state.

In the early months of lockdown, Squarefoot’s staff developed a system to allocate that resource.

We look to government to be the agent for the public when it comes to making public investments, and allocating public money where it can get the highest return.

Once you’ve taken these steps, go and allocate your funds with diversity in mind.

So a lot of hospital systems have just looked at their endowments and pension plans and said we can’t allocate this year because we don’t know what our liquidity requirements are going to be.