Allocating [verb]

Definition of Allocating:

assign; divide among

Synonyms of Allocating:

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Sentence/Example of Allocating:

Smarteys’ goal was to provide a platform for young professionals to see their transactions in one place, allocate their paychecks to various uses, and get personalized recommendations on products and services to meet their financial needs.

Census data is used to apportion congressional seats and allocate government spending on schools, hospitals, roads, and other public works and programs.

In Denver, an app called Mini Money Management, launched in March, allows parents to teach students about how to allocate money.

To date, the federal government has allocated 3% of that amount, $200 million, to the states to immunize the nation.

For example, if you are at the point you need to use some of your savings within the next 10 years, you should have some allocated to fixed income instead of taking unnecessary risks in the stock market.

You can also see which ones are likely allocating the most budget and the highest bids toward competitor bidding based on higher impression share in the report.

Members of the Electoral College—with the exception of Maine and Nebraska, which allocate by congressional districts—are pledged to vote for the highest vote getter in their state.

States were afforded representation in the body equal to their membership in the House and Senate, and state legislatures were granted authority to choose electors and allocate their votes as they saw fit.

Aside from allowing employees to take office furniture home, the shop allocated a new $200 stipend for people to “buy whatever home office gear they might need,” said Chapin.

Organizations are still having to manage and allocate resources toward task-heavy print processes instead of focusing on digitally transforming their business models.