Allocutions [noun]

Definition of Allocutions:

formal speech or address

Synonyms of Allocutions:

Opposite/Antonyms of Allocutions:

Sentence/Example of Allocutions:

This allocution, pronounced by advocate Desmarais with every appearance of great tenderness, moved the people.

The Pontifical Allocution unmasked the falsehood, but did not change the condition of affairs.

I regard this as a perfect allocution of words in regard to the arrangement both for the ear and for the intellect.

This Allocution calls to mind Spainʼs last struggle with Mexico.

He rose gracefully and waved his glass of claret, while all the others waited eagerly for the coming allocution.

Pius IX., in his allocution of the 29th of April last, has explained himself fully.

He drew them up in two ranks facing each other, and began very deliberately with an allocution on the art of the bayonet.

She took the final vows a year later, when Bossuet pronounced the allocution.

To this allocution the parliament replied with all servility.

You will conclude, doubtless, that this curious document can be nothing but a papal allocution.