Allotted [verb]

Definition of Allotted:

assign; give portion

Synonyms of Allotted:

Opposite/Antonyms of Allotted:

Sentence/Example of Allotted:

Cisco is soon launching a feature meant to guarantee that everyone in a meeting feels they can participate, by allotting each participant time to speak in which the others are muted.

No one wants to spend a precious chunk of an allotted Zoom call figuring out why your aunt and uncle can’t connect.

In March, Congress allotted $454 billion to the Treasury Department to support the central bank’s emergency lending programs, including those for struggling businesses and local governments.

Even if the new teacher can see the student’s prior grade, they will likely have discretion over what percentage to allot to homework, versus quizzes and tests.

This is shared dynamically amongst family members, so there’s no way to allot a certain amount of storage to a particular person.

Each has his "natural liberty," and each in his degree, great or small, receives his allotted reward.

Certain hours are allotted to the ladies' classes, and special terms are made for young men and schoolboys.

We had the satisfaction of accomplishing the task in the allotted time, which not every company was able to do.

Here watches were put up for redemption, disappearing after they had hung their allotted time.

In a purely military camp the soldiers live and sleep in an area of open ground allotted for their sole use.