Allover [adjective]

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It is most peculiar, and when he plays that way, the most bewitching little expression comes over his face.

All over the world the just claims of organized labor are intermingled with the underground conspiracy of social revolution.

After we had passed over this desert, we found several garisons to defend the caravans from the violence of the Tartars.

After relievedly giving the pistol to the nearest soldier, he stumbled quickly over to Brion and took his hand.

Solely over one man therein thou hast quite absolute control.

The president sat in a chair which came over with the pilgrims in their ship, the Mayflower.

When we were mounted Mac leaned over and muttered an admonitory word for Piegan's ear alone.

Everything is topsy-turvy in Europe according to our moral ideas, and they don't have what we call "men" over here.

First a shower of shells dropping all along the lower ridges and out over the surface of the Bay.

All the ordinary subjects in schools have been taught over and over again millions and millions of times.