Allowable [adjective]

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“The Housing Commission has reviewed the list of requests and identified a portion that may be reimbursable, and will reimburse what is allowable per the contract and for which proper documentation has been received,” Bailey wrote.

It is, of course, allowable towards those who take a decidedly responsible and confidential situation in a household.

Under these peculiar circumstances it might have been allowable to postpone the journey till the morning.

A meerschaum or a wooden pipe is then allowable, but never a clay or a dudeen.

Salt is the condiment to use with them, but sugar is allowable.

It is allowable to eat it with your fingers, as I have said, in private.

We should flatter the unhappy; it is the only flattery allowable.

The back slightly darker is allowable, if of a rich colour, and the colour softened, not clouded.

Many of them had long since passed the red lines that marked the allowable overload point.

"These are very allowable feelings when sustained by wealth and fortune," said O'Reilly, quietly.