Allowances [noun]

Definition of Allowances:

amount of money or other supply

Synonyms of Allowances:

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Sentence/Example of Allowances:

They are prepared to make allowances for lack of shell; lack of guns; lack of high explosives.

Old and new measurements, tonnage, time allowances and movable ballast, are all a sealed book to me.

All sorts of allowances are made for the illusions of youth; and none, or almost none, for the disenchantments of age.

The margin of uncertainty which must be met by empirical allowances on the side of safety has been steadily diminished.

The people receive allowances of corn, and the rich support the needy, according to an ancient usage.

And as your relation has received no pay and allowances, as you state, pray, by what means has he maintained himself?

On the other hand, the case was complicated—not in principle (that was beastly clear)—but by allowances in practise.

But perhaps we ought to make allowances for men who have studied neither nature nor universal history.

His companions make allowances for him: men of genius are often thus.

You know, Betty, you've got to make allowances for people, or you'd never get along with 'em.