Allows [verb]

Definition of Allows:

admit; acknowledge

Synonyms of Allows:

Opposite/Antonyms of Allows:

Sentence/Example of Allows:

For a "cold collation on the occasion of the audit" our Council always allows 10.

Is there any earthly father who would allow his children to suffer as God allows Man to suffer?

But in the great famines, as in India and Russia, God allows millions to die of starvation.

At sea he allows her to wear an easy negligé, but in port she must appear in full dress.

This increased pressure above the balls allows them to return to their original position, under the influence of gravity.

Mr. Conyers, the vicar, allows your husband eighty pounds a year for his ministerial services.

The religion of the Chinese allows them to have a number of wives, but in this respect they are far behind the Mahomedans.

But that "blindness to the future kindly given," allows them a few hours of sad enjoyment.

It's a legal thing that allows railroads to take land necessary to its operation—paying for it, of course.

The young scholar always allows himself a number of libertine sonnets, and we avow it is particularly disagreeable to us.