Alloying [noun]

Definition of Alloying:

mixture, usually of two metals

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Sentence/Example of Alloying:

When an external force pushes on the alloy while it’s in its rigid phase, the metal transitions to its pliable, lower-entropy phase.

The best elastocaloric materials so far are shape memory alloys.

In an air conditioner or refrigerator, you would then have to quickly remove this heat while keeping the alloy in its pliable, low-entropy phase.

Once the force is removed, the alloy returns to its rigid, higher-entropy phase.

Led by Jeehwan Kim, an associate professor of mechanical engineering, the researchers borrowed from principles of metallurgy to fabricate each memristor from alloys of silver and copper, along with silicon.

The team found an alloy of silver and copper helped stabilize the flow of silver ions between electrodes, allowing them to scale the number of memristors on the chip without sacrificing functionality.

It shows a simple mind to acknowledge at court the smallest alloy of common blood, and not to set up for a nobleman.

The buckets, Fig. 3, are formed of some easily melted, but not too soft metal alloy which can be cast in plaster molds.

An alloy is a mixture or medley, anything allowed is according to law, and hallow is the same word as holy.

A good deal of Vanadium alloy is used, and this is made in America.