Alluded [verb]

Definition of Alluded:

hint at

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Sentence/Example of Alluded:

The Democratic majority recommended “structural separations and prohibitions” that would prevent dominant platforms from operating in adjacent lines of business, which may allude to potential divestments.

The common thread among all of these episodes, as Sipher alluded to, is that it’s unclear just how directly Putin may or may not have been involved.

The price, 1,081,291 francs, was meant to be “disconnected from reality” and alludes to the founding of Switzerland on August 1, 1291.

You allude to some rocky starts where you had issues in your marriage that you had to kind of work through and that there did seem to be a work-life balance issue.

As alluded to earlier, this is a limited and unimaginative solution to the problem we are facing.

As Gorsuch alluded to in his majority opinion, these two seemingly contradictory protections are likely to collide with one other in the future.

But it is necessary to allude to this also, because it is possible to have purity of tone without sweetness or power.

I allude to the half dozen or more words which were written by your brother immediately preceding his death.

We allude to that more benevolent code of morality inaugurated by Joseph Addison.

It may not be uninteresting to allude rather briefly to the state of England at the close of the seventeenth century.